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Use these four dumbbell exercises to build strength and improve your balance

Jun 17, 2023

You only need 25 minutes to complete the routine, which will help you build muscle all over

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If you regularly work out at home, you're probably used to doing the same moves over and over again. Repeating exercises week-on-week, while increasing the weight, is a great way to build strength — but it can get a bit boring.

That’s where this workout comes in. Created by Doc Waller, the founder of LYFE at home, it features four new dumbbell moves that you're unlikely to have tried before. The exercises are tricky, so try practicing them without any weights before adding in a dumbbell.

Need some guidance on what dumbbell weight to choose? Opt for something that challenges you, but make sure it’s not so heavy that you can’t complete the full set of exercises. You might also need to increase or decrease weight for different moves, so we'd recommend using adjustable dumbbells if you are working out at home.

"Each of these exercises should be performed for one-minute at a challenging weight," Waller says. "Cycle through each exercise three to four times, for each side of the body, giving yourself 30-45 secs of rest in between."

Remember to keep the core engaged throughout the session, which will help you maintain balance during the trickier movements.

Start your week with achievable workout ideas, health tips and wellbeing advice in your inbox.

Alice Porter is a freelance journalist covering lifestyle topics including health, fitness and wellness. She is particularly interested in women's health, strength training and fitness trends and writes for publications including Stylist Magazine, Refinery29, The Independent and Glamour Magazine. Like many other people, Alice's personal interest in combining HIIT training with strength work quickly turned into a CrossFit obsession and she trains at a box in south London. When she's not throwing weights around or attempting handstand push-ups, you can probably find her on long walks in nature, buried in a book or hopping on a flight to just about anywhere it will take her.

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