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Today’s Jill Martin ‘tears up’ as she reads ‘touching’ fan mail during chemo treatment and admits it’s ‘overwhelming’

Dec 07, 2023

TODAY star Jill Martin has appeared to have her heart full after receiving such emotional support from fans.

Jill, 47, took to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday to share the uplifting gifts that her fans sent her during her trying time.

The NBC personality uploaded an image of the letter that one of her fans had mailed to her on her Stories timeline.

The fan's letter had a photo of Jill in the corner, and a motivational poem under the body of the text.

"Jill, thank you for allowing us to follow you on your journey. Our stories all different...," the letter read.

"But yet the same as we strive to Beat Breast Cancer! Stay strong, be positive, and know we care."

The poem underneath read: "Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you go/Just remember how far you have come/Remember the trials you have faced/ All the battles you have won/ And all of the fears you have overcome."

Jill confessed in the caption of her Stories that she was "overwhelmed" with feelings.

"Spent chem day through my TODAY mail. Overwhelmed. Touched," she wrote.

"In awe of so many of your stories, bravery, and prayers. Taking them and holding them tight."

Subsequent slides in Jill's Stories showed the other letters that she received from other fans.

She captioned one of the slides with crying emojis and another with heart emojis.

Yesterday, the morning show moderator shared a new milestone in her fight against breast cancer on Instagram.

In her photo, Jill laughed while sporting a loose white T-shirt and black and white shorts.

The news anchor posed in the gym near a weight bench while taking a selfie in the mirror at Flow Physical Therapy.

"I'm back to light weights…doing my best EVERY DAY. PT and Amy have been life-changing for me and my progress," Jill captioned her photo.

She stood triumphantly with her physical therapist, clearly excited by her progress and how far she's come.

Earlier this month, Jill showered birthday wishes on her long-time friend Kathie Lee Gifford, 70, with a series of evocative photos.

Jill’s Instagram Stories featured a collage of images that trace the history of her friendship with Kathie.

She included a throwback picture from her early days as an intern on the Regis & Kathie Lee Show.

Jill captioned the nostalgic photo: "At Regis & Kathie Lie I was her intern @katielgifford…"

In a series of images, the two were shown evolving from their early years to their current friendship.

Another snapshot features Kathie clutching Jill’s leg as both are dressed elegantly, sitting on a wicker chair.

Jill added the following words to the image: "And we grew into best friends, a ride or die who is always there…in good times and in bad…"

In a subsequent image, Kathie is seen with one leg dramatically extended next to Jill.

The caption read: "To the sexiest gal in town…"

Ending her birthday tribute, Jill wrote: "Happy Birthday to one of the loves of my life! @kathielgifford love you to the moon and back."