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Effortless cable machine exercises to spice up your routine

Jul 18, 2023

When it comes to the most underutilized gym equipment, there's no way one could miss out on mentioning a cable machine. Apart from helping you tone your upper body, this strength training machine is so versatile that it can also help you shape your hips, quads, calves, and hamstrings. Try these exercises using a cable machine in your upcoming sweat sesh.

Cable squat is beneficial for improving overall bone density. It's great for your glutes, legs, and core. Face the cable machine and put the pulley on the lowest setting. Grip the rope with your hands toward the ceiling and pull it just a little below your chin and with your elbows bent. Keeping the rope intact, descend into a squat position. Repeat multiple sets.

Besides the cable machine, you would also require a box to step up for this exercise. Face away from the machine and position the box in front of you. Grab the rope at its lowest setting and place one foot on the box, such that your knee is at 90 degrees. Now bring your other foot on the box and then step down. Repeat.

Set the pulley on its highest setting and face the machine by grabbing its rope attachment. Taking a few steps back, kneel on the floor. Pull the rope toward you such that your hands are over your head. As you do that, squeeze your abs and bring your shoulder to your pelvis. Once done, slowly return to the original position. Repeat as desired.

Position yourself perpendicular to the cable machine with the pulley set at its lowest point. Hold the rope attachment and elevate your hands above your shoulders. Take a step away from the cable, stand upright, and shift into a lateral lunge toward the cable. Push back as far as comfortable before returning to the initial position. Repeat the movement.

Set the pulley at its lowest point and then get into a side-plank position on the floor. Ensure you are facing the machine. Grab the rope attachment's handle with the top hand and perform a rowing motion towards your body. After completing the reps on one side, switch to the other side, facing away from the machine, and utilize the opposite hand.