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"I used it as my gasoline": Nicolas Cage's Son Blamed $40M Rich Marvel Star for Roundhouse Kicking Gym Trainer Who Wouldn't Let Him Eat Out

May 26, 2023

bySantanu RoyJuly 27, 2023, 9:42 am

Being a Hollywood A-lister’s kid isn’t always a blessing, as the pressure and temptations of fame can sometimes take a harder toll on the children of certain Industry biggies. And in Nicolas Cage’s case, things might not be the smoothest, as his son Weston Cage once came forward to address the darker aspects of growing up under Cage’s care.

Although it seems Cage is a fun dad, even though his methods can be a bit eccentric, it seems his oldest son didn’t have the greatest experience growing up under the care of the Hollywood icon. After Weston Cage made headlines for going violent over not getting to eat a particular dish, he later opened up about the difficulties he had to face growing up.

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Almost a decade back, Nicolas Cage‘s son, Weston Cage, who was 20 years old at the time, landed in a heated argument with his personal trainer, which eventually resulted in a violent brawl. The Brawl between the two ignited after the gym trainer reportedly didn’t let the younger Weston Cage order a particular item on the menu, and reports claimed, the former heavy metal singer also tried to roundhouse kick his trainer during the fight.

However, things didn’t end well for the 20 years old Cage at the time, who was hospitalized after taking a heavy beating from his personal trainer, which ended on the Sidewalk. Reports stated the 20-year-old was then kept under mental evaluation during his time in the hospital.

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Although Weston Cage was out of the limelight after the controversial incident for a few years, he did come forward to address certain issues he faced growing up. Even though he didn’t directly blame his father, Nicolas Cage, or addressed the previous brawl with his gym trainer, Weston Cage claimed he had a hard time growing up, as he blamed his upbringing. He explained,

“People have this preconceived notion that I grew up with a life of many privileges, but they don’t know how dark it can be in a house like that. So I used it as my gasoline, to play out the vengeance in my heart.”

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Even after the brawl incident, Weston Cage has repeatedly landed himself in various controversies from time to time and was even prohibited to visit his ex-wife’s home by the court after their ugly divorce.

Source: Vice

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