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2023 CrossFit Games Individuals Recap Day 3

Aug 03, 2023

Check out all the action.

Day 3 of the Individual competition was an interesting mix of endurance, pacing, skill and pure power and strength.

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On the Men’s side, Khrennikov has a large lead however Canadian Jeff Adler has managed to whittle that down substantially by the end of the closing event.

Emma Lawson was hunted throughout the day, with Horvath climbing to second position after a phenomenal display of power, strength and skill in the Olympic Total.

Check out the three events that the athletes faced.

For time:

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2 intervals for total time:

Rest until 6-minute mark, then:

Time cap: 12 minutes

For load:

Emily Rolfe led the women and pulled ahead early. Her pace was unmatched by the rest of the female athletes (and many of the men as well).

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She stated in the post event interview that, “Everyone’s sore, everyone’s hurting, everyone’s cramping so it’s like we’re all fresh.”

Icelandic veteran Katrin Davidsdottir also put in a hugely impressive performance to secure the second-place spot.

Vellner, Khrennikov, Adler, Hoste, Dukic formed a group right from the beginning. Adler led and was pushing the pace.

He remained comfortable and in total control of the event. That was until Hoste overtook him towards the end of the final lap. The Belgian rookie claimed his first event victory.

Khrennikov sprinted past Dukic in a nail-biting finish and fan favourite Noah Ohlsen received lots of love from the crowd as he ran through the North Park.

Kelly Baker had been cut last night. However Ellie Turner withdrew due to injury, so she once again returned to the field of competition.

She managed to win her heat. Looking happy and thankful, she explained how she felt about returning, and the burger and beer that she had last night clearly did the trick.

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Emma Lawson Was strong, fast and confident. Her persistence and quick pace burned away the competition and she won the second event of the day.

Henrik Haapalainen hammered home a strong and gutsy performance in the earlier heat but eventually it was the smooth transitions and raw grit of Vellner that earned him the top spot.

Mertens was also very good, and Koski’s perfect pacing and control in the pain cave saw him stake second on the leaderboard.

Vellner was 12 seconds faster in his first run than Koski’s impressive first interval run.

This was the event that many fans had been waiting for. Epic lifting in the coliseum.

Emma Lawson, still wearing the leader jersey, was smooth and strong in her lifts however Laura Horvath looked unstoppable. She put up a 470 lb total, smashing aside the rest of the competition.

Annie fought through all her lifts, as did Kolenbrander and Slovak athlete Karin Freyova.

Over on the men’s side it was 21 year old Jack Farlow that stole the show. He snatched 138kg then managed to set a new live CrossFit Games record by clean and jerking 396 lb / 180kg to record a total of 701 lb.

Bronislav Olenkowicz nailed a 143kg Snatch, and Nick Mathew was hugely impressible as well, lifting with great power, speed and poise.

BKG lifted only lifted the minimum weight requirement to complete the event.

Find out which athletes were cut.

The CrossFit Games are the ultimate proving grounds for the Fittest Man and Fittest Woman on Earth™ and are world-renowned as the definitive test of fitness. For the past 16 years, fans from around the world have attended the multi-day sporting event, streamed the competition online, or watched on ESPN, CBS, or a wide range of international broadcasts. The international field of play has included athletes from over 120 countries.

The Games began in 2007 in Aromas, California, as the first competition to objectively measure fitness. From their inception, they have been unlike traditional sports such as track and field, gymnastics, weightlifting, or even decathlon — all specialist sports in which the events are known long in advance.

Instead, athletes from around the world are tested against a variety of unannounced events, each with different movements, equipment, and time domains.

Competitors are required to train for the unknown, and the scores of events have included distance swims, obstacle courses, 1-rep-max lifts, handstand walking, sled pushes, rope climbs, and odd-object carries.

The test has continually evolved. As top athletes began to train year-round for strength, speed, endurance, and skill, they were met with new tests each year that took them outside their comfort zone.

This year, a worldwide Open competition involving hundreds of thousands of competitors allowed the best athletes to advance through Quarterfinal and Semifinal rounds, culminating in the 17th edition of the CrossFit Games from Aug. 1-6, 2023, in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Find out which athletes were cut.